Dashlane Test Drive for Password Security

Like every long-time user of the Internet, email, and social media, I have more than two dozen active passwords.

Of course, it is a challenge to manage multiple passwords and I know I am not alone.

After experimenting with several trials of software and methods for password creation and security, ALTACITIES® has settled on DASHLANE®, largely because it is one of the programs in the genre that works well on all Apple/Mac platforms, the PC, and many smartphones and tablet devices, including Android and Nexus.

Online security worries build nearly as quickly as solutions to protect consumers’ privacy. But still, many online businesses run behind in either adopting privacy practices – or they are early in adoption but don’t make their privacy policies and solutions clear enough to gain consumers’ trust.

The video links on YouTube and my library for instructional videos on ShowYou provide excellent overviews of DASHLANE ®.

“Aside from functionality, Dashlane® has a cleaner aesthetic and design, and is just simply easier to use. The usability factor with Dashlane means that everyone can utilize the features of the software without being overwhelmed by unnecessary technical jargon. Additionally, the usability of DASHLANE ®  is seamless. All interactions with the software are inline, which means there are no clunky toolbars or extra steps that serve as obstructions to a user’s online experience,” said the DASHLANE®  team, reports Kristina Knight of BIZREPORT.

Remember that your LOGIN password is the NOT the ONLY password that DASHLANE ® will NOT record and keep in memory. YOU MUST NEVER FORGET THIS PASSWORD. Of course, the same is true for the LOGIN password for your computer or other devices. What is the best way to keep and remember those two passwords, now that DASHLANE ® is helping you take care of remembering all of the others?

​This user suggests that you create a moniker or USER NAME that is linked to a numerical configuration that is unique to you. For example, your USER NAME may be a nickname that was attributed to you in high school or college.

Perhaps the mascot name for your school. And the number(s) appended to that name could be related to your birthday or the birthday of a family member. You could also consider an anniversary date. These are just suggestions, so use your creativity to construct these two passwords in a way that is unforgettable. If you can prevent it, DO NOT WRITE DOWN or record these, unless you are keeping this information in a safe place.

Numerous programs and services claim to help us with the arduous task of password management. Few good ones are actually free, but when you find one that is and it also is available for both PC and Mac and for all Apple and Android devices (even mobile), then you have to give that product strong consideration. DASHLANE ® meets that criteria.

A company spokesman told Denver Post reporter Andy Vuong that “the reason Dashlane® is secure is because (they) don’t keep the key to your account, and therefore have no access to client information.” Indeed, when you sign up for an account, the company indicates that your master password is not stored on Dashlane® servers. That means hackers wouldn’t have access to your master password even if they infiltrate the Dashlane® servers. That added security measure also means that if you forget the password, there is not a reset option.”

Read more: Andy Vuong’s Mailbag: What makes password program Dashlane secure? – The Denver Post :  SOURCE : @Denverpost on Twitter | Denverpost on Facebook



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